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The Beginning

As I begin my adventures in the world of work from home mommyhood I am filled with apprehension and excitement. I have spent the last 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, a challenging job to say the least. Trying to work from home, go to school online, and take care of my babies will be even harder!

I am 26 years old and mother to three children. My boys are ages 6 and 3 months, and my girl is 18 months. My oldest son is from my first marriage (oh the drama I will spare you from!) and my two youngest are from my current (never to end!) marriage. A blended family, needless to say, only ads to the challenges I face as I embark on this journey.

My primary love in the graphic design world is digital scrapbooking. I design scrapbook pages as well as original embellishments. I also love to do the photo editing required to make a page wonderful. I have made a few full scrapbooking freebie kits and also do scrap for hire. You can view my scrapbooking profile at Scrapbook Flair

I am currently attending American Intercontinental University Online and majoring in Digital Design. I am really loving this university. My favorite thing is that they provide all books and computer programs that you need to complete your classes. So far I have received the computer programs Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. I have also received several useful books, my favorites are the Classroom in a Book for Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, the Krause Idea Indexes, and Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers. I will complete my degree in June of 2010.

The first paid jobs I have completed have come through the Elance website. This is an AMAZING site. Anyone can post a job for hire on this site for FREE. Providers can then submit a bid on the job stating how they will complete it, in what time frame, and what they will charge. The Poster then chooses a provider to assign the job to. I have completed two jobs on this site and am looking for more. You can view my Elance profile at

And now the littlest is hollering to be fed so I guess I am done.