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Maddy’s Monster

After seeing the blue and pink monsters Maddy (my four year old) decided she needed a monster of her very own. Her favorite color is purple and she asked me “will you give it hair!”. This is the result. Enjoy!


If you want to own her on your favorite product just click on the image to be taken to my cafe press site.


Mommy’s Pink Monster

Posts two days in a row, I’m on a roll! Here’s the second installment of my little monsters. This pink cutie is just waiting for a hug!

If you NEED to own her then just click the picture to be taken to my Cafepress site.

Freebie Friday!

Pink and Yellow, Stripes and Polka Dots! What could be better! Here’s a fun Digiscrap kit for that little fashionista in your life. Download by clicking on the images

Wordless Wednesday- “Summer” Album Sneak Preview


Photography by Dixie Tayler Photography http://www.dixietaylorphotography.com

Sneak Peak- Animals

I’ve been working on these cute animals for the last 2 days. They are going to be the main feature of a few kids themed albums I’m working on. I will also be offering them as a set of PSD work paths. You will be able to take the path and stroke it with your choice of brush (in these examples I used a brush called “stitch” by boyinpaw) or fill it with your choice of color or pattern. So far I have 26 different animal paths and I’m looking to add more! Stay tuned to see when the final product is available.


You can view all the completed animals so far by viewing the album on my Facebook profile here.

A New Direction

What initially attracted me to the world of digital design is digital scrapbooking. I LOVE to create my own digital scrapbook pages and kits. As I have learned more about design and refined my skills I’ve decided that there is even more that I want to do.

Playing with everyone elses photo’s has led me to have a desire to learn to improve my photography skills. All the research that I have done on that topic has introduced me to the world of professional photography in a way I never knew truly existed. I was completely unaware of the fact that many kids have a Senior portrait session their last year of High School, for example. I have discovered that professional photographers are always on the look out for a well designed album, card, or other options to display their work. This is what I want to focus my efforts on for the time being. This blog is going to become a place for me to showcase and sell that work.

I will try to update and add more designs at least 2-3 times a week until I have a good supply built up. Every Friday I’ll upload a freebie so that you can get a feel for my work. I’d also like to work on making some tutorials for those desiring to create their own designs. On top of it all I want to continue improving my own photography skills and sharing with you along the way with Wordless Wednesday’s.

Please leave a comment letting me know what types of designs you’d like to see, what you’d like to see as freebies, what tutorials would best serve you, and anything else you think I can do to make this blog relevant to you!

slow moving

I wonder what the secret is to getting freelance jobs.  I have bid on many jobs on Elance in the past several weeks.  I got two jobs in quick succession a few weeks ago and since then it has been all dry.  I know I am a good provider. I work hard and get things done on time.  I am VERY experienced with powerpoint after being an intelligence analyst for 4 years.  Heck my job was to build powerpoints! I am doing well in school.  I get good remarks and high grades on all my projects.  So why can’t I get anyone to hire me.  I think part of the solution is to build up my portfolio.

This will be my research for this week.  How exactly do you build a portfolio? What should be in a portfolio?  Should you have one portfolio with everything in it or should you have separate portfolio’s for each type of work?  Maybe both? If you don’t have actual work for real clients to put in your portfolio should you create random things for fictitious clients? How should you display your portfolio?  How do you share your portfolio?  How do you make your portfolio stand out from all the other ones the client is looking at?